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Free Fake Doctors Note
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What Are Fake Doctors Notes???

People use fake doctors notes everyday and for a plethora of different reasons. Chances are one of these reasons is why you've landed here on our site seeking answers. See if your rationale aligns with the top reasons people go on the hunt for a doctors excuse note.

Paid Sick Days - We’ve already mentioned using fake doctor notes for work, but let’s dive into this phenomenon a little deeper. Getting sick can put employees in a catch-22 when the employer requires dr notes in order to pay them. Either the employee is not paid or they lose the bulk of it paying for a doctor’s visit that they didn’t really need. No one wants to be disingenuous, but sometimes there’s no other way.

Non-Penalized School Day Off - The government rations budget to our schools based on a number of factors. One of those factors is attendance, so we’ve seen schools become increasingly strict in this matter. But children don’t always need a doctor visit each time they get sick and sometimes we just want to take a weekday family adventure. In this case, a fake doctor's note is the perfect low-cost option.

Breaks While You're at Work - In many workplaces, they no longer permit smoke breaks, and in some cases, they limit the number of bathroom breaks. With a doctors note template, you can create the perfect note for your situation, so you can have that smoke or use that bathroom as much as you want without paying for a doctor visit.

Can I get a Free Doctor's Note - Yes, you can find a free doctor note for some of the most common scenarios. However, a free doctors note may prove to be too generic, such as when you need a doctor's note for work. The good news is that a custom fake doctor note or custom doctor's note template is not expensive. In fact, compared to the alternative, they’re practically free. You can usually get one for less than $10, and for most people that's less than they spend on lunch.

Pranks - There are other less practical reasons to fake a doctor's note as well. Well-designed doctor's notes can be the centerpiece of an elaborate practical joke. They can even help you get a little revenge on a good friend or to inject a little humor into an otherwise boring office environment.

If you’re interested in doctors notes for work or some other purposes, take a moment to assess your situation. You have a number of choices including blank doctors notes and doctors notes templates. Design-once notes are typically the most authentic, but a doctor note template can provide a great deal of versatility with the use of a paint program or similar tool. You can also click here to download doctors notes from the web.

Is it legal to use a false doctors note? - Well, that depends on how you use it. It may be “legal” to use false dr notes in the sense that the organization receiving the doctor note does not have the right to ask for details. However, if you were to use false dr notes for work and the employer suspected it, they may need no other grounds to terminate employment. Sometimes it's legal and sometimes it isn't. It really depends on how you're using the note.

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