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Free Fake Doctors Note
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Why Fake Doctors Notes

A printable doctor’s excuse is a template that you print out and then fill out based on your needs. So what are those needs? Why would someone need blank doctors notes?

Well, healthcare is expensive, and it’s an expense that most of us would rather avoid if possible. Sometimes we’re obligated to see a doctor and incur that cost when we don’t really need to. So a fake doctor note is a way around that.

These obligations come in many forms. One of the most common is a doctors excuse for our children when they miss school. Public schools earn financial aid based on attendance, which is why modern schools are so stingy with sick days. In this situation, fake doctor's note lets you child take the day he or she needs without penalty. It also lets the school off the hook so that they can get their money.

A similar situation occurs at many workplaces. When an employee is out sick, it can be quite expensive for the employer to fill the spot. So many of them now request a dr. note. It’s understandable. But it is also a great burden on that employee who actually needs the sick day. They’re likely losing pay for the day and now they have to fork out the high costs of a doctor’s visit. For many, a free doctor note is the only option.

A fake doctors note has many uses. It’s not all about circumventing burdensome responsibilities. These notes also have uses that are lighthearted, fun and even practical. For instance, a note can be a great way to set up a practical joke on April’s Fool Day in the workplace. A template could also serve as a prop in a student film or a homemade movie. There is nearly endless range of possibilities.

Please note that this article is not meant as legal advice, and depending on where you live, there could be legal ramifications to turning in a fake note. Before you do so, investigate the laws in your area. If there’s any doubt, consult a lawyer. Many will provide free consultation over the phone. Bottom line - if it feels wrong it probably is. Listen to your inner voice before acting.

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