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The Use of Fake Doctors Excuses is on the Rise

The advent of the Internet has brought us many, many minor conveniences. Some of them obvious, but others, like doctors notes that one can download and print, are just recently becoming widely popular. For those that have never considered the many benefits of using replica doctor notes, let’s take a moment to consider them now.

Years ago no one would ever have guessed that a commonly searched for item on the internet is downloadable doctors notes. Now lots of people seek out this item each and every day. This is a reflection of our society and the reasons why people need this product are numerous and reflective.

Are you a jokester? - Perhaps the simplest and most innocuous use of doctors notes is as part of a gag or prank. For instance, imagine the hilarity that will ensue with a well-timed, well-placed, “not-meant-to-be-found” doctor’s excuse somewhere in the office. Alternatively, imagine the look on your better half’s face when they find the note concerning your STD.

Are you a penny pincher? - Beyond gags and pranks, all the benefits of doctor notes have one thing in common: savings. A note that one can purchase online and print out in their home is substantially cheaper than actually going to the doctor’s office to acquire one. Better yet, most downloadable notes are customizable, and one can use them repeatedly.

Need to save up time? - Likewise, consider all of the time that one can save. One can buy a doctors note online, customize it, and print it out in a matter of minutes. Going to the doctor is a much larger time investment.

Can't make it to school today - The leading factor deciding government funding for schools is student attendance. For this reason, schools place strict attendance regulations in place, and the cost to the student of an additional sick day can be stiff. Doctor notes are the perfect cost-effective solution for that extra sick day.

Help, I'm too sick to work - In order to limit costs, many employers have begun demanding doctors notes before they will pay an employee for a sick day. Unfortunately, for the average American worker, a doctor’s visit is a day’s pay. A printable note is the perfect way for an employee to get the pay they deserve.

Bathroom issues? - Some people use the bathroom more than others do, and it’s not always because of some serious medical condition. For the employee whose employer gives them a hard time over frequent bathroom visits, the printed doctors note is the perfect solution.

An added benefit - As part of the process of achieving or maintaining approval for benefits, the government or the organization may require that the person seek a professional visit that they don’t actually need. In the instance where proof of visit is all that one needs, a printable note works just as well.

Until the average American can get a break from work, school, or life when they need it it's likely that there will be more and more searches for fake doctors notes. Perhaps a better product will surface in the future, but until then you're just one of many seeking out this service.

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