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Fake Doctor's Note - Right or Wrong?

Many people consider faking doctor's excuses as wrong, and yet the business is getting more and more popular these days. There are now several websites available on the Internet that offer printable doctor excuses and the number is ever increasing. Doctor's excuse notes are priced very affordable so the average person can purchase them. It is truly evident that this kind of service is in-demand nowadays, but why do people patronize these websites? And is there a moral dilemma with the use of these products? Is it wrong to use fake doctors notes? Well, many people would argue that depends on how exactly you use the fake dr. notes.

Emergencies and critical situations are part of everyone's life. You will never know when your good standing at a school or your office job will be at risk just because of an unexcused absence. Universities and corporations are especially strict when it comes to requiring a doctor's excuse from absentees and penalizing those who do not comply.  It is generally believed that those are the main reasons why the business of doctors excuse notes has now become prevalent. The increase in use of printable doctor excuses is apparent and people usually cite various reasons for their use.

Sometimes people resort to novelty doctor's excuses only when circumstances do not permit them to furnish an authentic one. Many people simply do not have the time or the means to actually visit a doctor just to request a doctors excuse. Others use novelty doctor excuse notes to pull pranks or as props in movies.  Indeed, it is convenient to be able to print out a doctor's excuse without having to leave your home. Accessibility and ease are the main reasons for the increase in popularity of printable doctor excuses.

Why Dr. Notes?

Why fake doctors notes are one of the top downloadable products on the web!

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Where to Buy

Where can I buy a fake doctors note for just $1? I want quality not cheap looking knock offs.

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