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What Website Has The Best Fake Doctor Notes?

There are so many websites that offer fake doctor's notes, but how can you know which one has the best notes and for the best price? Over the years, consumers have rated the highest. They offer over 30 notes plus numerous extras. Horror stories have been reported by those who opted for a free fake doctors note only to have regrets due to the lack of quality. If you've used these notes please let us know what you think by clicking on the stars below.

Downloadable and printable doctors’ notes, especially those that allow for great customization, are extremely valuable in certain situations. The most obvious benefit is that of time saved. Acquiring a real dr. note requires travel time, wait time and visit time. There can also be delays and rescheduling that significantly add to the time commitment. Sadly, many American workers today aren't given adequate time off to visit a doctor when they are ill.

Where can I download a fake doctors note and print it out in under 60 seconds?
- sick and tired workers
fake doctors excuse

There is also the matter of cost. Let’s face it; even with insurance, a doctor’s visit is crazy expensive. So a doctor’s excuse that we can individualize and print out at home can save a lot of money. Beyond the expense of the visit itself, there is also the matter of fuel and potentially the loss of wages. For the average person, the entire cost of a doctor’s visit can be equal to an entire day’s wage.

Another benefit to a fake doctor’s excuse, and likely the most common reason we use them, is the avoidance of penalties that we consider unfair, strict and otherwise unavoidable. A common example of this is the public school system. Many schools give kids a limited number of days they can be absent per year. Any unexcused absence beyond the threshold requires an additional day added at the end of the school year, but this may not be possible once the term ends. Some kids have the option to go to school online to make up missed classes, but other kids may not have this opportunity.

Now, let’s consider some of the less obvious benefits. Many of us don’t want to feel bad for smokers. After all, they bring it on themselves. But if you think about how hard the government is cracking down on them, it is difficult not to feel bad for them at least somewhat. An unfortunate aspect of this crackdown is that employers are using it to their own benefit, reducing or eliminating smoke breaks. So many smokers have resorted to doctors’ excuses in order to get that precious time alone.

In our modern world, governments, schools, insurance companies, employers and other organizations have strict regulations. Many of these regulations, while understandable, cut into our freedoms and quality of life. A person only has so many options. You can fight it, but is it really worth that hassle? Fake doctor’s notes are a way to battle this imbalance passively, without the great risk of losing a full-frontal assault. This is one of the reasons they have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Doctor Note Templates Common Scenarios

A doctor’s note is a message from a medical professional that provides you with an excuse. A doctor’s note template is a tool that you lets you create such a note rather than visiting a doctor and paying for one. In this article, we’ll look at the some of the most common reasons people use them:

• Day Off or Early Exit from School

Most public grade schools rely on attendance for government assistance, which is why they’re so strict about it. Many of them require a doctor’s excuse for any absence beyond the third. For the parent, that is a steep price to pay just to leave class early or to take a day off.

• Paid Sick Day

Most employers allow for sick days but are rather strict regarding paid sick days because of the expense associated with them. In fact, many require a doctor’s excuse, which makes sense for them but it is a significant burden on the average worker. It punishes good workers who are actually ill.

• Employment

Many employers require a physical before hiring. You might think that this is something they pay for, but in the current economic environment, many have begun to pass that expense onto the candidate. In this current job market that is simply an unfair burden on the person looking for work.

• College Extension

A college student may use a doctor’s note to get an extension on an assignment or a make-up date for an exam. Some students even use them so that they can schedule for their classes in advance.

• Insurance Companies

Insurance companies can be difficult and sometimes they request paperwork and proof just to challenge you and hope that your claim fades away. It is important to note that it can be against the law to use a fake doctor’s note when the insurance company has a right to request it.

• Pet Supplies

The Internet is a great resource for pet supplies because of the tremendous prices. Unfortunately, many of these online pet superstores require a vet’s note, which can offset the savings altogether.

• Pranks and Props

Using fake dr. notes is not always a serious proposition. They can serve as a prop in a great office joke. They can also serve as a prop in a student movie or a school stage play. Some people even frame them as interesting curiosities that can serve as conversation pieces.

Pluses and Minuses of Printable Doctors’ Notes

A replica doctor’s note can be a handy way to meet an unfair requirement. Of course, using fake doctors’ excuses is not always consequence free. Just as there are many benefits, there are many negatives as well. With that in mind, let’s examine the most common pluses and minuses.


The obvious benefit of a fake doctor’s excuse is that you can get out of school or work without paying the exorbitant cost of an actual medical visit. Even with medical insurance, an actual visit to the doctor can be incredibly expensive. That’s before factoring in fuel costs, loss of time and wage, and other factors. This is why using a replica note isn’t just about being lazy, cheap or dishonest. Often, it’s about having no other choice.

The other benefit of a fake doctor’s note is that you get to avoid the penalty of not having an actual note. If you can’t afford the actual note, what happens? In the workplace, you may be fired or you may get the sick day approved but without pay. In a school environment, the child may serve detention or even have to add an additional day onto the end of the year. In some severe cases, he or she may be expelled. So there are some rather stiff penalties that a doctor’s note template can help you overcome.


So what happens if you’re detected? Well, in a school environment the penalty will likely be rather minor, such as detention or community service. In a work requirement, being detected while using a replica doctor’s note will usually result in immediate termination. It’s important to note that in this day and age businesses have very little tolerance when it comes to this form of deceit.

In certain scenarios, the penalties can go far beyond termination, to criminal sentences, jail time and significant financial penalties. It can be especially risky to use a doctor’s note template during any process that involves the government. The government has harsh penalties and may decide to make an example out of you. Some adventurous souls have used fake dr. notes when dealing with insurance companies. This can be dangerous when the use crosses the line to insurance fraud. Insurance fraud can lead to long jail sentences and costly reparations.

It's very important that you weigh these plusses and minuses before acting in regards to fake doctors notes. Think about your specific scenario and what the consequences could be. Some people may experience dire consequences while others would only have positive outcomes. Have you exhausted other options? If you're still not sure we have a lot of additional articles that we hope will better help you understand your situation.

Why People Use Web-Based Doctors’ Notes

Doctors’ notes let us meet requirements at work, in school, for insurance purposes and so forth. That requirement can be extremely important. It may allow us an additional day away from school or it may let us earn pay for that sick day from work.

The issue with actual doctor excuses is that they only come by way of an actual doctor visit. Even with insurance, a doctor visit means big expenses. Consider the common scenario of the 24-hour virus; you may need a day to recuperate, but you don’t actually need attention from a doctor. The unnecessary cost of that medical visit can significantly cut into the money you’d get from that sick day reimbursement.

Therefore, the main reason people print out doctors’ notes from the Web is so that they can save their money, save their time, and avoid the hassle. Compared to the cost of a medical visit, even a pay-for replica doctor’s note costs essentially nothing. Furthermore, all you have to do is download it, personalize it, and then print it out. Everyone is happy: The HR department has their note and you have your sick day pay.

Understandably, most first-timers are concerned about the legal issues and other ramifications associated with using a fake doctor’s excuse. Nobody wants to break the law or be fired just to trying to get an excused day off from school or a paid day off from work. The funny thing is many employers and schools request a note even when they don’t have the legal right to do so. The problem is that even if you’re in the right to refuse, you may end up paying a stiff cost for refusal to comply.

So far, we’ve discussed a number of serious topics. It’s worth noting that there are some lighthearted uses associated with printing out doctor’s notes as well. Many people use them as props for gags, pranks and on April Fools’ Day. They work particularly well in office environments. They can also be used as props in student plays and films, and some people like to frame them as interesting oddities.

The sad truth is that many American workers feel like they are forced into using a downloaded doctors note because they have no access to health insurance or doctors. There's nothing worse than feeling sick and having to go to work. You know you're spreading germs, but you have to pay your rent and without paid sick leave what are your options. In addition, to the financial burden of missing work, medical care is extremely expensive. And then if the medical professional prescribes medication that can be very costly too. Without access to sick days and affordable medical care it's likely that people will keep searching for a low cost alternative like doctors notes available on the web for free in addition to excuses for a small fee.

The Most Common Fake Doctor Note Formats

Customizable doctors’ notes are prevalent these days due to increased regulation. For many people, they are the only solution to avoiding the high costs of an actual visit to the doctor. But not all fake doctor excuses are so serious, and some are even used for pranks and gags. With that in mind, we examine the various formats that are available online.

• Blank

A blank as-is doctor’s note is the most basic kind you can download. You can simply print it out and then fill in any information in the blanks, such as name, date, doctor’s signature and so forth.

• Editable

The better fake doctor’s note is editable beyond just filling in the blanks. This greater level of customization really sells it as authentic. Many websites even have online tools that let you edit the note via drag-and-drop functionality.

• Free vs. Paid

The big difference between free and paid-for doctors’ notes is that the free ones tend to be less customizable and be available in smaller selections. If you find what you need, however, they are just as good as any other.

• Replica

Replica is the term used to describe any printable doctors’ notes intended to be authentic and pass scrutiny. Usually, these are based on the actual notes used by real doctors in their offices.

• Vanity

Vanity notes, sometimes called gag, prop or prank notes, are the exact opposite of replica notes. With these notes, the emphasis is on fun and there is no attempt to achieve authenticity.

• Doctor’s Note

We’ve talked a lot about doctors’ notes, the kinds used by medical professionals. Although this format is most popular, it is only one of the types available and you should consider the alternatives:

• Dentist’s Note

The dentist’s note provides a nice change-up to the medical note. Additionally, we’re all supposed to visit the dentist at least twice a year, so you can explain it away much more easily.

• Funeral and Jury Duty Excuse

Funeral parlors will often sign off on excuse letters for employment and flight reasons. There are also replica versions of these letters, and they tend to work quite well because most people are not eager to question them and seem rude. Jury duty slips are another popular alternative to the classic doctor’s excuse note. These notes work quite well but don’t have the morbid aspect that the funeral excuse may have for some people.

What are Customizable Doctors' Notes?

In many facets of our lives, we face the challenge of proof. The most common example of this is the doctors’ excuses required for school absences and paid sick days. It’s no surprise then that the sale of doctors’ notes and note templates are at an all-time high.

What are fake doctor notes?

A doctor’s note is a document you receive from the doctor to prove that you visited with him or her. The cost of such a note is a medical visit. A blank doctor’s excuse is an alternative that costs much less and that you can fashion to look like the real thing by personalizing it.

Are printable doctor excuses expensive?

Printable doctors’ excuses are not expensive and there are free options available. Commercial notes are relatively inexpensive. The advantage to them is that you get much greater selection and many more customization options.

What are the most common uses for fake doctors’ excuses?

1. Time, Money and Hassle

Acquiring a real doctor’s note can be stressful as well as be a substantial drain on your money and time. A fake note is cheap and customizable in just a few minutes.

2. Excused School Day Off

Why waste your summer making up for those legitimate sick days?

3. Paid Sick Days

Many employers will give non-salary employees a paid sick day but they want proof. Unfortunately, the cost of that proof can offset the value of the paid sick day in the first place.

4. Bathroom and Breaks

In order to cut down on perceived costs, many employers are limiting smoke and bathroom breaks, as much as is allowed by law. An authentic doctors’ note can force them to give you more leniency.

5. Pranks and Gags

Doctors’ notes can be used for pranks in the office or at school. They also work quite well as props or even framed as an oddity or conversation piece.

6. Other Benefits

A doctors’ excuse can get you out of many scenarios not covered yet: anger management classes, physicals for employment, no glasses while driving and so forth.


A customizable doctor’s excuse can be an invaluable tool when used properly. There can also be severe ramifications when used improperly. Take some time to think about the scenario. What’s the worst possible outcome? Can you live with that? Only proceed if you can answer yes to that question.

The Outcomes of Using Fake Doctor’s Excuses

If you’ve ever considered using a fake doctor’s note, then you’ve probably also considered the ramifications. A day off from school or a paid sick day sounds good. But what if you’re caught? It’s a great question, and you certainly don’t want to create this predicament without recognizing and accepting the worst-case scenario. You probably don’t want to lose your job or be expelled.

For students in public school, the good news is that there is usually very little risk when it comes to using a fake doctor’s excuse. It’s not illegal at any rate. You may serve detention or get a day of school added, but it certainly won’t be something that changes the course of your life. The school could expel you, but they generally reserve that punishment for repeat offenders.

Keep in mind that colleges, universities and even private grade schools are much different from public schools. They have their own set of rules regarding attendance. They may be stricter or even laxer. Whichever the case, you should know prior to making a decision. Some of these schools may have no-tolerance policies that result in you being tossed out of school immediate for using a fake dr. note.

Employees face a similar environment. It’s not illegal to use a fake doctor’s excuse in this environment but it generally will result in immediate termination. Consider that because of recent events in our history companies and other organizations have a very low tolerance concerning forgeries and the like. At best, the employer will deem it a severe and punishable lack of judgment.

People have used fake doctors’ note for insurance and similar purposes. Understand that this is a completely different ballgame. If it ventures into the realm of insurance fraud, then you are facing heavy financial penalties and perhaps even a criminal sentence. Do not use blank doctors’ notes in this kind of situation without investigating the negative possibilities thoroughly.

I'm sure there are a lot of outcomes that we haven't thought of here. Your personal outcomes will be unique. There are tales abound of positive and negative outcomes from employing a printable doctors note. As part of the exercise of thinking about outcomes try to think about alternatives to using the doctors excuse note at all. Maybe there really is a solution to your scenario that doesn't involve having to pay for a downloadable doctors note. Sure, there are free doctors notes on the web, but make sure you take a good look at them before thinking about using one. They tend to look cheap and don't come with any guarantees from sellers. If you can spot the note as fake so will others.

A good rule of thumb is to focus on the worst-case scenarios. The worst thing you can do is overlook an outcome because it may be unlikely. Identify the worst case and then ask yourself, can I handle that? Only if you can answer yes to that question should you consider going ahead and using a doctor’s note template. You will be your own best guide so make sure you listen to your inner voice.

Wisdom and Guidelines for Doctor's Note Users

Advice for Printable Doctor Notes - If you’re thinking about using a fake doctor’s note for the first time, you probably have many questions and concerns. The following advice list should answer and assuage most of them.

• Do not use a replica doctor’s excuse in place of an actual one without forethought. The fact that you’re reading this is a good sign. Consider the ramifications and make your final decision based on the worst possible outcome rather than the one that is most convenient.

• On the Web, you can find a number of websites that help you identify fakes. Review these sites and learn from them. They’ll give you an idea of what you need to do in order to succeed.

• Likewise, there are a number of resources online with a library of official scanned documents. These collections often have actual doctors’ notes and similar excuses, and that can be invaluable. You can create an authentic-looking note if you’ve never seen an authentic note before.

• Do not settle for the first doctor’s note template that seems passable. Investigate at least several resources. Get an idea of what the different options are. Then, choose the one most appropriate to you.

• Do not underestimate the value of high-quality paper and a good well-conditioned printer. Take the time to clean the printer and toner cartridge. Replace the cartridge if you have not used it in a while.

• Do not be afraid to look beyond the classic doctor’s excuse. There is a wide range of effective options, including dentists’ notes, jury duty letters, vet notes, funeral parlor letters and so forth.

• Accentuate personalization. Those little personal touches are what make a passable note look like the real deal. Avoid notes that don’t allow for personal details. That will arouse suspicion.

• Before printing your completed doctor’s note, double-check it for mistakes. Print it out at least a day in advance. Then, fold it and walk around with it in your pocket to give it that weathered appearance.

• If you fear intense scrutiny and have still decided to go ahead with it, it is best to base your doctor’s note on a hospital visit, particularly a visit to the emergency room. The main reason for this approach is that it is much more difficult for work or school to authenticate the note over the telephone.

The above tips should provide you with a solid foundation for information on dr excuses. This is a tough area of scrutiny because most people can seek advice from friends or family when they have a concern. This is a unique area because people don't like to discuss their use of doctors notes. There may be forums or chat boards on the web where you can find answers. A good idea is to think outside the box. If you still have questions we probably have an article here that will address your question.

Searching for Doctors Notes?

On the hunt for a Doctors Note? Wondering where you can print out a sick note? Lots of people are seeking printable doctors notes. Daily, tons of folks scour the internet hunting for printable doctor notes.

Why are People Looking for Printable Doctors Notes? Generally people find that they miss work or school due to the common cold or other small ailment, at least once a year. Sadly, many employers and schools will only excuse your absence if you have a doctors note.  

Lots of people simply can not afford to go to the doctor to get a written excuse. In addition, there are many other times that you may have to miss work but probably would not go to a doctor. Here are some examples of occasions when you may need a printable doctor note- sadness and depression when a pet dies, food poisoning, allergies/allergic reaction, twisted ankle, or a general lack of sleep. 

All of the previously described situations may cause you to be absent from work or school, but many folks would not utilize the services of a doctor to assist with these temporary problems.  A lot of employers out there will demand a doctors note for your absence even if they don't provide their workers with health insurance.  That's why people turn to websites offering printable doctors notes. 

Where Can I Print Out a Doctor Note?

doctors excuse note download

Doctors Note Scams...Buyer Beware

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Where Can I get a Fake Doctors Note? There are many websites out there that are willing to sell you a doctors sick note for a nominal fee.  Naturally the quality of novelty doctor notes varies from vendor to vendor.  Check out the doctors note reviews found on our website and avoid being scammed.

How can I avoid getting scammed? There are a lot of doctors note products and websites out there that will gladly take your money and then provide you with nothing in return or an inferior product. 

The best way to avoid getting scammed is to learn from other people who have utilized the services of websites offering printable doctors notes.  Learn about others experiences with printable doctors notes at our site.

Are there any websites that offer free doctors notes? Printable doctor’s notes are a product that generally isn’t free.  Keep in mind if you want a quality novelty doctors note any website offering a free novelty doctor’s note won’t give you a note of superiority and value. Where can I find free doctors notes resources and guides? Check out our doctor note links page.

The internet features numerous sites supplying doctors notes for a small fee, evidence of an increasing market for fake doctors notes. In most cases you are able to just fill the blanks up, pay for and print out your personal custom-made doctors note. As employment policies become more and more stringent and fewer and fewer people can afford to seek medical attention for minor maladies the practice of downloading and customizing your own doctors notes is becoming more and more popular. All this evidence points to the fact that novelty doctor notes are only going to grow in demand.

The usage of fake doctors notes is becoming extremely popular amongst college students. College students utilize the doctor notes for various reasons. Some use fake doctors notes in order to obtain more time to complete assignments or reports. Other students furnish novelty doctor notes to allow them to take time-off without suffering a penalty. Doctors notes provide them with the opportunity to get away from class with out having to face grade deductions as well as other consequences. Some students merely download doctors notes to use as props in productions because they look authentic. Doctors notes are not just becoming popular among college students; working people are also finding the use of these fake doctor notes to be useful in many ways.

The lifestyle of the United States has become very job oriented. People spend more and more time at the office and less and less time at home with their families and friends. Workers often complain of being overworked and tired. They often yearn for some rest and relaxation. That’s one of the reasons that people turn to novelty doctor notes. They use doctor notes so they can take time off. There are four major components of any doctors note. Every doctors note has a date, and time when medical attention was sought. The name of the medical professional is also present on a doctors note as well as a diagnosis and signature.

Most of us have used doctor notes at one time or another. Perhaps we needed one for insurance purposes, for our child’s attendance records, or a note for work to justify an absence. But doctor visits are expensive. Have you ever had the 24-hour flu and required a dr note? Should you really have to pay $50 or more? The answer is no, and the good news is that there is a cost-effective alternative.

What's a Doctor's Note Anyway??

Is your busy work schedule taking a toll on your life? Is your boss wracking your mind to slop? I'll bet you are undoubtedly ready to take a bit of time off work, even if for a short period of time. Regrettably, everyone knows that unexcused in addition to chronic days off may cost you your career. But not if you have that reliable and authenticated doctors note in your pocket. A doctors note is a document that's commonly issued after you have gone to visit your health practitioner.  A doctors note is an authorized document which contains important information regarding your trip to your doctor, including the recovery time period that's been prescribed to you by your health care provider in order to fully recover from a sickness. Doctors notes typically include info on when you saw your health care provider as well as your doctor's basic information like name, contact information and his/her signature.

In many instances, your office's human resource department will honor your doctors note, excuse you from your absence or allow certain work limits to help you recover as correctly explained by your doctor. Examples of these are limiting your office work to non-strenuous actions or keeping you from working late or having to put in overtime. A physician might suggest that you be disallowed from lifting weighty items on the job especially if you have been identified as having a back issue or muscular strains. You may also be permitted to utilize crutches or walking sticks while at work. Some doctors notes also recommend comfortable shoes be used while at work, but this type of recommendation is typically specified in your doctors note.

Without a doubt there are a lot of things that a doctors note is able to do for you. It could even allow you to absent yourself from employment for an extended period of time like a full week for example, if this is what the doctor has recommended. Your rationalization for having time off work could be health related or perhaps it's not. Maybe you just want to go away for the next couple of days and you don’t have any vacation days, or perhaps you would like to lay around viewing re-runs of your favorite soap. What is definitely remarkable and more important to know is the fact that these days, many people don’t actually go through a lengthy process in order to produce a doctors note for human resources!

The practice of downloading doctors notes off the world wide web is increasing in popularity.  Many people indicate this is because a note from a parent, or personal recognizance is no longer sufficient to excuse an absence from work or school.   The fact is that people need and want to take time off of work and school and that many cannot and will not visit a doctor and obtain a doctors note to do so.  Therefore, it’s predictable that printable doctor's excuse notes will continue to rise in popularity.

Why are doctors notes prevalent on the internet? It is surprising to know that something such as novelty doctor notes  exist and that they are openly and widely marketed on the internet.  Doctors note  products came to exist simply because there is a demand for them – there are people want doctor notes  and are willing to pay for them.  But what causes people to seek out a fake doctors note? Sick notes are actually statutory certificates issued by a doctor stating that a person has either psychological or physical problem.  Doctors commonly issue them when appropriate. Nowadays, the need of a doctors note  stems out from different purposes – ranging from valid reasons to not valid. Some people request a doctors note  because they need a valid work excuse.  Others just want to get out of school or gym class.  Other need an extension on an assignment, or have taken time off of work without permission and are required by their companies to furnish a doctors note  before they can return to work. Doctors follow strict legal guidelines in a issuing sick note. 

It is because of this reason why some people who are so eager to obtain a sick note  resort to downloading fake doctors notes from the world wide web. Patrons of novelty doctors notes cite many reasons such as, employers who won’t allow an employee who has missed time from work to return without a sick note. Everybody needs to get some air every now and then.  When employers fail to provide vacation time employees turn to the world of printable doctors notes.  Students also seek out doctors notes in order to take time off from school without being penalized.  They also cite reasons such as needed an extension on an assignment.  The availability of doctors excuse notes continues to rise with the demand.